Sunday, August 02, 2009

Saturday 1st. Comic signing Kircaldy
Travelled down to Davids new shop in Kirkaldy, Kingdom of adventure, games and comic shop. Saturday 1st was a signing & sketching day with Al Ewing & Colin MacNeil. It was lovely to catch up with everyone & Gordon Rennie popped along for the afternoon too, he & Gary Erskine will be signing there next week. Colin was producing some incredible full colour sketches with wax crayons..yes wax crayons, incredible! ( photo above ) I treated myself to another page of comics lovely artwork from 'Insurrection' recently published in the Judge Dredd Megazine. We also snagged a copy of Al's book ' El Sombre' which looks very entertaining, a clockwork nazi town in mexico?? Sold!

Here's Mr Clements, casting a fatherly eye over the young people and their gaming antics, which we also got pulling into, my first ever dice role playing game. I found it all too numbery but it was good fun playing at being a Judge in Megacity, typically I played it straight by the 'LAW'.. whereas over at the other table with Rich and Al, corrupt judges were rife.
Had a meal & drink which was cut short by stupidly loud music in pub " but it's a Saturday night" shrugged the bar boy when we requested they turn it down so peoples meals didnt shake off the tables. So we headed into the northern sunset looking for a place to camp, until we arrived at home at 1am. A lovely geek-happy day out !

ooo link to Hi Ex Interview on FP & Down the tubes.

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