Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mind Body & Spirit fair-Dingwall August 15th

on Friday I made a load of wee mosaics for this fair. I'm thinking towards little Christmassy gifts, yes the public are already buying for Christmas.
Heres Rich manning the table. The crafts side of the fair was organised by Jackie from Achnasheen who wins the prize for the best craft fair organising, she always has everything covered, plies us with tea & biscuits and definately deserves a link

The fair was well attended but was still relaxed enough to give me time to do a wee fairy painting.
and here's it touched up a bit in Photoshop.

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Nicki MacRae said...

Hi Vicky.

You may well not remember, but we met briefly a few times a few years ago when Ian and I were involved in the Beauly Centre, and you came to do a workshop. I just stumbled across your website and blog by accident and had to leave a message to say I had seen the press for your Inchmore exhibition, and also your comic art workshop in Inverness, excited to read your name and hear what you were up to, and was just blown away by your firefighting art. Love it!

I now find myself working (albeit part time and in a small way) as an artist and wanted to say you were a small part of the inspiration that led me down that road - inspiring, creative and strong lady!

Anyway after that gushing praise LOL, looking forward to following your blog :-)

Nicki MacRae