Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Radiohead concert at Meadowbank stadium in Edinburgh tuesday night, bus down & back today. Beck was the highly entertaining support. Radiohead were even better than last time i saw them, with the crowd going mental and Thom kept getting the giggles. Awesome. Played loads o old ones, every one a high point, and some new songs too.
somewhat bruised & aching today however.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

re-thought storyboard again today, taking us back to pretty much my original story in the first place. figure three minutes is basically a pop video, there isnt any time, for character placement, explanations, lead ins, nice conclusions, basically, heres a girl, heres a wolf, heres the hunters, this is what happens, and heres the result will have to do. Its getting too late in the day for all sorts of sub plots, so any more wrangling & i'm tempted to say, " okay, heres a film which features 3 minutes of girl & wolf playing in a forest, NO plot at all "

Saturday, August 19, 2006

been up to neck in it recently, trying to work most days, and deal with son moving to his own place & daughter about to leave home too, on top of trying to crack on with the film, and organising our first public open day at the fire station.
Knocked out the film storyboard sat in a car park one day, the only place to get peace.
needs a huge squish to fit it in 3 minutes.

Last night worked late putting up marquee, and collecting giant bouncy castle etc.
Today, a very successful opening attended by enthusiastic & intrested people. Behold Crew Manager Preston flipping burgers.
Gasp at the way we removed two doors & a roof off a car in front of crowd in 10 minutes & 30 seconds. Be afraid of the 12 tonne engine we borrowed for the day, the 6.5 er is quite enough on these single track roads thankyou very much. laugh at the childrens bouncy castle merriment. Pictures of Fire fighters being attacked by hoards of bouncing children not included.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Took Ishie to the Belladrum tartan Heart Music festival, which she was very grateful for.
an unusal method of moving forward to near the front of the stage involved a big beastie and lots of drumming children with shields. Its that sort of festival, lots of great stuff to look at, shame about the band line up. heres Tal & Jonny, after 'The Automatic', if we had a quid for everytime a drunk eeejit sang the tag-line " whats that coming over the hill, is it a monster?" that weekend, in the "quiet" camping zone, when we were trying to sleep, we coulda bought a fairy costume and sparkly cowboy hat each, and even a pint at the piss stinking beer tent.

conclusion ? we grown ups are getting a little old for this malarkie. Next time the kids can go theirselves. please.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Camping trip of doom, cut short due to midgeys and monsters from LOST. continuing from the irish rope bridge theme, above the waterfall in pic below there is a tiny bridge which certain reluctant persons were tricked into crossing.
Heres the Ishmeister on the viewpoint above the 200ft deep corrie shalloch gorge

Bruno guards the camp.
north coast of scotland sandy beaches & amazing rocks ( and spooky black nights ). Thon wee specs below are my camping chums.meanwhile our other cats disappeared since the old one was put to sleep.

and work on the animation wolf film has started, ive got 9 weeks only to complete it. eeek !