Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Derailed train , no its not a description of how i've felt this last month... altho But yesterday i seem to have slept through yet another storm of the seemingly constant storm that rages, 8.10 instead of my snooze alarm my pager went off; leapt into jeans, couldnt find shoes, chest still all knackered with this cold i've got & in t-shirt i slept in sprinted to car & station, finding the road all the way there knackered with mounds of gravel washed from who knows where my some deluge in the night.
Athe train had hit a whopping great tree in the dark, reared up, derailed, dragged tree parts 30m, headed the sea side of the rails, buckled the wheels before driver stopped it. Nobody hurt thankfully. 
two slurps of tea, phone my boss & negiotiate a half day since by now i'm very late for other work & don a warm cardigan on over stinky same t-shirt, and the bloody pager goes off again. Electrical problems in olde ladies house, render scene safe & check out her roof tiles for her, call electrician, home again, breakfast ( its now lunch time ) shower & head to work.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

tals blue 18th birthday cake
Ish tank girl
ha ha ha my christmas presents !!