Sunday, August 09, 2009

Comic strip for 'Something Wicked'.
so when I havent been teaching everyday I've been on a comic strip marathon. I hope the small spoiler free taster image above won't incur the wrath of lovely Editor 'Bolt-01'. This Strip will appear in the next edition of FutureQuake publication's Horror Comic , 'Something Wicked' .
I've been trying a new technique, looser, more painterly, mostly done in Photoshop over scanned in rough layouts. I can't tell if its worked or not, let the readers be the judges of that !

Next project an altogether different style strip for a certain famous girls comic of the 70's.

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Bolt-01 said...

Hi Vik, I'm going to be cross-posting this over on the FP blog. Nice photo of Rich as well at the shop!