Monday, June 26, 2006

Started New Job with great group of kids whos lives would put perspective into all of ours. Turns out Art therapy also involves rough n tumble football games. It was great fun.

Ishies got two new pet rats called Ozzy & Hendrix.
Tali had a great weekend at RockNess festival with fat boy slim etc.
and I have to go & do some art to clear my 'artists' block, right now, I promised.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

well heres a fairy that i painted in with Gouache paints. But in many ways i prefer the photoshoppy colours that Rich did.. which i can't find right now to post up here, bah ! i really MUST learn this colouring, scratchy brush strokes are all good & well in their place, but so's smooth gradiated blocks of colour. I'm itching to play with acrylics next but progress is terribly slow here as i'm a bit all over the place.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Tis the moments between moments that we capture on camera, when we participate, fully, we're can't pin down the moments in 2D. The most precious times in live lie behind the images, freeze frame in memory & senses only.
Heres the shore at 'Sands' Applecross peninsular, this weekend, haze & drizzel that went un-noticed. mountains hidden in mists. graffiti in the sands. mesolithic rock shelter & simple moments shared.
Heres what Ish thinks to it all.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Monday collage making down at the day care centre, it always takes a while to get going cos they've never done anything like it in their lives & just don't get it until they see a picture starting to take shape. we're working on a group mural next week.
Nothing to show from art class, my muse hasnt left me, its just not quite reaching the paintbrush.
And then the brownies came to the fire station for their fire saftey type badges, quite a lot of complex concepts to get across to hyper little uns, but theyre quite clued up, which shows that the whole big fire service modernisation thing of pushing fire prevention is filtering through.

Proud of daughter Ishie who demonstrated the breathing apperatus without complaint despite losing clumps of hair which happens to us girlies, why do you think firemen all have short hair ? yeah she didnt panic at all , i do ! i hate it, but then i generally associate it with pitch black, thick smoke, extreem heat exhaustion, confined spaces, carrying fecking heavy hoses and heavy dummies, or in the case of real live incidents, live electric cables & feck knows what else around the next pitch black 200degree sweat soaked corner. nah, it may be rock & roll, but it is scary.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Applecross Seafood & music festival weekend.
people come from far n wide for this event , so the least i could do was sell them some arty crafty stuff, been busy all week making costume jewellery & framing pictures etc.
so there we were 1000ft up the road, yes that famous road which always seems to be an adventure of some sorts, when my gear stick went all wobbly...

don't worry girls ! i can't control the car, its only this metal thing underneath has sheared away.. That was the gear linkage. luckily there was still a phone signal where we were, and i managed to freewheel the car & turn her into a passing place, and then we waited for rescue.

ever resourceful we set up for a days trading... not many punters around.
prehaps the midges ate them all ?
then James ( dudley ) & his wife came & stayed later, which was lovely. They've gone on a seal trip today, & its breezy so not so many midges.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

remember i made a film proposal about a wee girl & wolf friendship ?
well i assumed it had been long since chucked on the slush pile, but got a letter today that its been accepted !! !
so i'll get trained & mentored & get to make a wee animation film which will be shown at the inverness film festival.. Maddness eh !
my how things turn unexpectedly.
whatever next ?!

fairy number two. afraid ive not been much a drawing this week.