Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pearl Jam at the o2, London. 18th AugustNormally I try & reserve this blog for art & craft related activities. But Pearl Jam are allowed a mention as much of my work is accompanied by Eddie and the boys, their music is hardwired into my brain. This concert was my first time of seeing them, it wasn't easy getting there, the third ticket I bought didnt turn up - NEVER EVER buy from theonlineticketshop or onlineticketexchange or any of their other ticket fraud businesses - So sadly just myself and youngest daughter Iseabail headed down, two instead of three.
However we had the time of our lives, queued for 6 hours with other fan club members to get in early, got a place in second row, only feet from our heroes. The mosh pit crush was INTENSE so despite being within ( literal ) spitting distance, couldnt take photos of this incredible performance.
managed to get some crowd & queue photos which I may turn into paintings...we'll see. So until the next tour, its back to work- village life always seems rather flat and claustrophobic after something as exciting as this. Rock & Roll baby.

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