Sunday, November 19, 2006

and lo the film was finished, the premiere was endured and peace could now descend upon the land.
and back to firetraining on sleety freezing nights with lightning,
and then getting uniforms all deer musky, & muddy in a rescue mission, a hit & run bambie, the police said just leave if for the next car to hit, the Christian said i'll strangle it , the game keeper loaded his rifle, & Ollie, Dave, Ish, Jon & me said stuff that & rescued it, after a night in jons shed she was fully recovered & returned to a local woodland.
and then its been back to work & endless pre-christmas respite outings for 'my' kids. Over the bridge to skye 3 times a week, in foul skye weather, seen 5 car crashes in 3 days, kindof slows one down.and the snows getting lower n thicker on the hills...

Sunday, November 05, 2006

at last its over ! its been a nightmare project from hell, 8 weeks with no training , no payment, no time off work, crappy equipment to make my first attempt at animation... it fact it was worse cos the organisors and person supposed to be training me were the pits of rude & incompedent.
I'd been hunched over the computer so many hours that last monday, with one scene & 11 days to go, my back, neck & shoulders seized up & went into spasm. So i been off my jobs this week mashed on diazipam & grud knows what other pills, depression & dispair soon followed. poor poor poor Richmond & Iseabail & anyone else who got caught in my mental cross fire.
what the hell is it that one invests so much into a project, when really , its hardly going to save the universe ? another disposable set of images, so what ? & its near bloody broke me or my back at least. I'm completely exhausted, hope to feebly get back to work tomorrow. shall be partying tonight on cake, chocs & watching tele.
and of course a big thanks goes to FRIBO also found on myspace for the music sound track at the last minute.
the premier is going to be VERy interesting with all the back stabbing thats gone on, i'm looking forward to the question & answer session....
and yes i've missed everyone !

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

heres the lovely couple at octocon last month.

Heres the three witches, but that wasnt a halloweeen photo, everydays pretty scary around here. Ish went out guising last night as a foxy wee devil. I shuffled around doing dawn of dead impressions, freaking Ish out, i hate drugs. diazipan is scary stuff, and all the other stuff they've got me on..
I'm afraid of computers !

the computer i'm working on can't cope with finishing the film even with an added external harddrive.

ive spent a day off work, semi parayslsed, injected, & mashed out of head in jelly coma diazapaned up, the pain was still there, but i didnt care any more. off work again today trying to stay off pain meds long enough to do a bit of film juggling.