Thursday, March 18, 2010

loch crows

yesterdays wee painting of some crows I'd photographed by the loch a couple of days previously. I'd like to do more, i love the shapes the throw as they fly. Acrylics 23 x 15cm on thick paper

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Snow Chaffinch

a wee painting done at Art Class today. based on photos I took back in the snow.  Want to do Crows or ravens in flight but they are tricky to catch!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Teen Wulf.

It may appear that I don't do any art ever, but I am mostly these days to be found glued to the desk working away at comic projects. This is a taster for a fantastic comic strip which I digitally coloured the centre pages for. The art is by brilliant Kev Levell, story written by Richmond & strip will appear in Dogbreath #22 being launched at Hi-Ex 2010.

For anyone who doesn't understand what digital art entails or thinks its cheating, ask me about it at 4am some night when I am frozen to the hard chair & hand has seized onto the wacom pen.  I'll show more as soon as I can.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bealach Commission

Heres a Painting commission that was a priority job this week, around 19" by 11", the Applecross pass, Bealach Na Ba- I've enjoyed doing it, must finish the big canvas view from a mile further up the hill I've started. Otherwise mostly I've been busy with illustrations, comic colouring, comic pitches & Hi-Ex organising ( buy your discount tickets on line roll up roll up ). Frustrated that I never get enough time to paint, got an open studios week in May so once Hi-Ex is out of the way, It will be a flat out race to get on with comic projects and push some painted work through. I've also got my own comic ideas that have been getting put on the back burner for years...soon I'll let these onto the top of the list !

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

comics workshop at primary school

How to Draw comics workshop at Lochcarron Primary School. The upper school class are doing a project on the Highland clearances so there were lots of great comic strips on homes burning and boats sailing off to foreign lands, with the odd sheep chase and murdered Factor ( thats the bad guys who kicked people out of their homes ). The younger group this afternoon have been studying the Polar regions, so we had loads of great strips about polar bears and penguins, generally less violent & all about friendships.I thoroughly enjoy working with youngsters, there are just a couple of tricks which seem to produce a breakthrough in their confidence, moving from stick figures to 3d figures and from " I can't " to " can I ..? ".  These workshops have been bought to you via Hi-Ex.

meanwhile I am working on a painting commission...stand by for the finished version hopefully later today.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010


after last weeks rag weaving workshop today was a paper-making one at Strathcarron. this morning was the usual Tuesday art class- anyone is welcome to join us any time, very relaxed & informal group at Lochcarron Church hall. teaching how to draw comics at the local school tomorrow & working on a painting of the Bealach for a commission. More regular art updates should follow after Hi Ex which has taken over our lives at the moment.