Saturday, August 22, 2009

crafts conflict

Thursday 20th & Friday 21st August, 2 day craft fair in Church hall, Lochcarron. Generally at these, one never makes a fortune - or in fact a days wage, but that is the heady world of crafts for you. It would be folly to expect a decent wage for doing your favorite hobby out in the shires, in a city designer gallery yes. They are usually pleasant sociable days out where we catch up with our fellow makers. Here's the wee painting I did to pass time on day 1.
There is a fine line in crafts and art, especially crafts, ideas sort of migrate, we are influenced by the workers that we are surrounded by, the creative meme- but where do we draw the line between this and downright plagiarism? It has driven me nuts for years, I lie awake at nights working out a clever way of making a) into b), then other people turn up at the next sale selling their version of my groovy idea. This undermines my work, so I've had to keep chopping and changing to try & keep ahead of the pack. At least with 'Art' & painting its mine, distinct, they can copy all they like, good luck with that - but a glass shard mosaic, or calligraphy hanger, or book marker, or mobile, or lino prints, or collage, or hand made paper, or rag crocheting or, or , or...they're not things I can hang onto. At least I can do this, But one of my colleagues utilises a specific skill, and someone else time & time again copies the colour mixes, the designs, even selling at the exact same price. This day person 2, even took person 1's pitch. Person 1 blew a gasket, which is something rarely seen in polite 'jam and Jerusalem' crafty circles. Its just not cricket though, in a small village one should side step to not tread on other peoples businesses, not blatantly copy. I think I should employ a similarly open & honest approach next time I am copied instead of quietly seething to myself.

Some innovate, some emulate.

Here's the stag & cat I painted on day 2.

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