Thursday, August 27, 2009

End of summer
after a non stop busy busy exhausting couple of months, I've had a couple of days to catch up with myself . I need to get some more painting done, but these things can't be rushed, I like to sort, tidy, rearrange & 'footer' about between work chapters. De cluttering home & head to clear space before throwing myself into next project.

Also, the rowans are red the heather is purple, the chantrells are out, theres a colder edge in the wind - Summers over, our brief autumn and a long long wild wet winter is a coming. Which flips the craft switch in the brain- textile time! So I've been using up cones & cones of spare lambswool by making these wool & rag boas. addictive to do !

I've also been playing with words and colours, these should turn into driftwood hanger things when I'm finished.

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Nicki MacRae said...

That's SO funny - I feel totally the same about getting ready to paint or make anything. I can only go into the studio this AM as Ian's promised to tidy the house with the kids whilst I do! Otherwise I'd have to get the house all organized and therefore my brain all organised before I go up :-S

Beautiful scarf photo! :-D