Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas photos;
Ish the warrior princess demonstrates her Christmas pressie to me.
Nath & Bruno out for big walk on Christmas eve.
Lochcarron Christmas day.
Tal & ish Christmas day.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas ufo & general unconnected wierdness
merry xmas everyone.
a load of us saw an UFO last night.
god i hate this time of year it gives me an unexplicable migrane every year despite me wanting to enjoy it & having low expectations, wether its S.A.D, family dramas, my inability to not-work, chocolate allergy. exhaustion or the constant demands of children....
however enough moaning ive got more interesting things to say.
now i long since shifted my brain out of spooky woo cosmic conspiratorial freaky psychicness, too many new age manipulative mentally ill people have hijacked all the interesting subjects & sullied the interweb with their nut-job agendas, which is a shame , cos i would like some answers to interesting questions.
friday i went to bed with no injuries, in the middle of the night i woke with one foot hurting my leg so i moved it, when i woke that moring the pain was still there, there on my leg is a 8cm long large raised blister inexplicable burn, its like a rope burn, or the edge of an iron. absolutely no explanation.Oh well.
then i flooded the kitchen, but theres a rational explanation for that disaster, and no Christmas presents were damaged.
christmas eve i took my son out for the day we went walking middle of no-where up the hills outside inverness, he chatted at length about conspiracy theorys, which i attempted to de bunk & shed info on, of course when it comes to global war mongers, he's probably, sadly correct.
today on net i found out that theres been big cat sightings where we were walking, kiltarity.
Then coolest, late Christmas night, a fire brigade collegue, phones me up, tells me he's watching a ufo with his sons above the village, i run outside, and sure enough there below the clouds on a flat calm night is a light, i shout my girls & tell them to grab camera. It was brighter than the brightest jupiter or venus gets, but a yellowy, orange colour, i assumed a helicopter, it moved towards us, at height like a search helicopter would, except there was no engines, and it was slower, the speed varied, its course was wobbly the light strength wobbly too, i phoned my parents, they couldnt see it, "a satellite?" below clouds, wrong colour, " hot air balloon?" that bright? on christmas night ?! my phone camera wouldnt get it and as tal struggled to get the night settings on her camera & we stared at it trying to work out what we were seeing, too bright to be a reflected light or light bouncing off clouds, weather balloons seem to be white it would have needed to be a huge mirror to be so bright; it started to pulse, fade, flicker, until high above us, it either faded away or went higher or disappeared into the clouds til we could see it no more.
reasearch finds some earthlight photos that colour, and this certainly is a sesmic activity area, but its all a bit mad... then tal had that ball of light at her feet when she was a child.... but thats another story.
oh bugger the other computers crashed again.
xmas photos another day.

further info, just spoke to other witnessess, apparently there was another previous light, it came from low in the west & moved in a zig zag pattern, eratic, moved upwards & faded out before the one we saw emerged from a similar direction.

it looked the same colour as some earthlight photos from norway.

news, theres been a boxing day earthquake in south scotland, dumfries & galloway, 3.5 on richterscale. the earthlight theory looks compelling at this stage.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Birmingham comics convention 9th & 10th Dec 2006.

Bolt 1 & Rich at the futurequake table.

the lovely page of sketches that various artists did for the kids at work.

had a great weekend, all be it very short & involving lots of travelling, brum being protected by a barrier of impassable roads & imobilised railways. lovely to catch up with people & also lovely being accompanied by my youngest juvey, who also enjoyed herself. She is completely bowled over & chuffed to bits by a tank girl drawing that Rufus Dayglo has done for her, brilliant !
heres Rich on a manga panel with artist Yishan Li, Ilya, and erm... i forget their names, sorry

meanwhile prior to this weekend, ive been working all the others taking my work kids to various Christmas respite trips. The worst being the 4 days to edinburgh trip which was very very hard going, but hopefully we'll see the gains thru the year with the youngters behavior...well it can't get worse !