Saturday, November 06, 2010


'Samhain' 44cm x 34cm mixed media on paper.
I think celebrating annual festivals is a good thing. I don't care exactly which date it falls on according to which calender, what religious, philosophical or political significance people ( or rulers & leaders ) put onto them. Its easy to sneer cynically and claim 'trick or treating ' is commercial and american, Christmas is all about coca cola Santa. But without any sort of festivities, traditions, dressing up, feasting and decorating where are we as a species? If you look into the roots of any annual bizarre folk customs, you will find their origins from the dawn of ancestral memory and has been nudged and tweaked by each era. Samhain is the Gaelic for Halloween these days, the more modern Guy Fawkes bonfires also have their origins in this ancient Celtic fire festivals ( and their equivalents across the world ). Summer becomes winter, the mother harvest goddess relinquishes power to the winter hag goddess. we remember the dead, the ancestors, we fear and respect the winter to come. The veil between the world of the dead & living quivers a little in the night. Give it what name or symbol you like, lets celebrate being here. How does that explain that painting ? any way you like.

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