Friday, November 19, 2010

Artswap, art fair & Leeds here we come

another fun thing I heard about on twitter is, Artswap. heres a great way for artists to give & receive other artists work from all over the world. The date for posting was 17th November, mine went far far across the sea. I hope the person likes it! above is what they will get.

The Christmas Fair exhibition at New Lodge, Kelso, Strathcarron is nearly hung and looking great!

I'm pleased that folks like my stag painting & its getting hung up by the stove in the centre of the room. All I need is to sell it and that would keep us in potatoes and lentils for a wee whiley!

Next> we are off to Thought Bubble, the festival of sequential arts in Leeds. Its a comic festival with a one day convention on the Saturday. I'll be doing a workshop on teh Sunday which John Freeman kindly wrote about on his Blog here. It will be on 'eco mini comics', so thats wee books, with pictures and stories, handmade from rubbish. I shall be working on mine on the train down there tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be able to share pictures & stories from the weekend & will try not show off too much about all the fabulous comic people I'll be hanging with. > must dash! its a 5.30am start

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