Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Doing a module with my painting students on Gouache and abstraction. Figure I have to do the exercises too rather than just looming over their shoulders at their work. Problem is I'm allergic to still lives, I think my art college experiences of them valuing frying pans and fruit over my fantastical and figurative leanings has put me off objects for life. I mean whats the point other than a technical exersise, what is interesting about looking at a bowl of fruit on the wall? no matter how beautifully rendered. But thats just me. So I took down to class some musical instruments and machinery. This is what I made of it. The first two were fun, but failed the opaque paint brief.
Next week we're into impressionistic style landscapes, much more my cup of tea....or rather sea, rock and cloudscape, no more crockery. Hurrah!

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