Friday, November 05, 2010

End of the Harvest

Mixed media on paper, 44cm 34cm.
This has taken a week or so to do, it got more sombre and wintery as the days went on. It follows on from the pen drawings I did of autumnal woodland maidens previously, but no fox here, no wonder she looks sad. Have to get these to the framers - last week- to have them ready for 2 exhibitions this month. Painting ( 'wrestling with' ) another one tonight. Not sure what happens next, possibly back to the sea and boats, we'll just have to wait & see what comes out.
meanwhile theres a realistic/ representational painting itching to be done now, I wonder how that will come out after doing these swirly/fantasy/imaginative ones.

watch this space.... and don't forget you can order prints direct of my website with paypal now, please fund my need for lentils & chocolate.


matthew mclaughlin said...

Absolutely lovely! Such beautiful atmosphere! Your stuff is gorgeous Vicky. I think you may be getting another order soon...

VickyS said...

Thanks Matthew! I'm enjoying free rein to swirl after what I learnt in Russia- on a roll! glad someone likes it!