Thursday, April 15, 2010

working too hard to work

Lost a weeks art time on the South West Ross 'Arts & Eats' Leaflet I'm working in ( words provided by a colleague whos good at this sort of thing ! ) Also missed The Highland Open Studios booklet launch in town, which involved some public- & sounds like fun.  Its Ironic that all this promotional work has left me no time & energy to organise my own venue or work for the Open Studios event 1st - 9th May. So I'll be running the exhibition from home to enable me to crack on with work. 15 days to create an exhibitions worth of paintings ?

Have also lost days & a billion calories with firefighting in dry weather up the hills, pix here.

Have also got my name in initial nominations round for best colourist on Eagle awards ( Baftas for comics ) . Which is embarrassing as I've only had a couple of pages published in last year. I hope next year to deserve such a thing as theres loads of projects poised...

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