Friday, April 23, 2010

'Belle' The Bio Beast

Thursday 22nd April. Earth Day, I did a workshop for the Highland Eco Schools Forum #8
there was a fantastic selection of activities for around 80 pupils from 13 schools to choose from. 
I had decided to go for something bigger scale than the usual individual take-home recycled crafts things I do. So the project was to build a ' Bio Beast ' , basically a willow & hazel rod skeleton structure, like a shelter, but we'd turn it into a monster/ creature/ beastie, using whatever rubbish people bought in.

I had concerns that the structure wouldn't be stable enough, the youngsters wouldn't get it, or that there wouldnt not be enough junk.. completely unfounded. It was a brilliant success. 

Many pupils elected to join us for morning and afternoon sessions, in fact we couldn't get them out of the beast at going home time. He sort of evolved throughout the day, one pupil had found a fresh stag angler outside on a session/walk with the countryside ranger, so this was also incorporated. Some folks worked in teams, building a head, building wings. Some worked on making furniture inside the beast, some were focused on tools & cutting things up, some provided decorative elements, one gathered nominations & then votes for a name- which was 'Belle' the Bio Beast.

 It was decided that the Beast roamed the earth gathering rubbish. The point was ?  doing Art, having fun, letting the imagination run, making things, converting rubbish, building things, making things without glue, paint, nails or tape. how to build a shelter, and much more.

taking it all down , re-sorting the rubbish for recycling and tidying up was another story! but well worth it. Thanks to Elanor & Robert for all their help & letting me do something this big & mad at their event !

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Elanor said...

Great pics Vic
Was a great day, and it was a pleasure to allow you to do such a big, exciting piece of art work.