Friday, April 09, 2010

How many artists to change a light bulb?

managed to get an afternoon this week to paint & clear the studio. This chap above is me, practicing painting in black & white, and thinking ahead to a great comic strip I have to do for 'Something Wicked', think african tribal zombies. Living up here where not only is there not much diversity of skin colour ( a whiter shade of grey ), but in fact everyone is a MacKenzie or at least a cousin of one, well basically I am unfamiliar with painting black skin tones, much to my shame.

Trying to work on all fronts simultaneously, both work to develop drawing skills, illustrations, tasks in hand, touristy paintings and paintings for my own satisfaction. Much of the frustration & lack of progress seems to be a simple matter of not getting time to simply Do art, despite it being my main occupation. However everything is on hold as my youngest child is leaving home in two days. The empty nest will mean that I will howl at the moon a lot, but after 25 years of mothering- means I don't have to put everyone & everything in front of my own work anymore. It means peace, space, silence to paint my socks off. ( silence apart from the howling of a middle aged woman who's primary role has gone ).

But who needs children when there are committees and groups who likewise only remember you when they want something. I'm currently working on a wee leaflet / brochure for an Arts Trail around the area. Which is all dandy, but when I don't actually have a studio or public premises or time to paint, I wonder why ....why? Do I need them or do they need me?
heres a wee map which might be part of the final design.

I like maps.

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