Saturday, April 24, 2010

painted sketches

Saturday. Some wee painted sketches to warm up, I've got until Monday to get paintings to my Framer to get them in time for Open Studios Week 1st - 9th May. Only 2 bits of art paper left ! Could do with another month really to work through things, I can feel a change in the wind, more walks out, more time alone is pushing me nearer to the more expressive work I want to do. Plus theres a shift internally, layers and decades worth of " she's not a proper artist she's only a Potter! " , I never felt like a proper potter, then not a proper artist, certainly not a proper comics artist or illustrator, or proper business woman, or designer or digital artist..or ...or... Whoa! there !  other peoples stupid comments combined with the artists fragile ego/self esteem = layers of rubbish. I think I needed to go right back to painting basics, traditional & representational, to make a point to all the opinionated critics, and make a point to myself. Okay so I can paint stuff that looks like stuff very nice, heres a highland cow, heres a view, Now if you want a picture postcard ask one of the others, I think I'm about ready to just go play.

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