Monday, April 19, 2010

Cow quota

finally! cleared the decks to start some painting again. Its not the boxes of clutter thats the problemo, but mental clutter, its very easy to feel like the forces of are conspiring to stop me painting, but its just me, and time, and workload, and adjusting to the routine of an empty house. ( and not having a  working thing to play music in the art room ArrrGH ! )

new rules; 1) volunteering = " NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!"
2) No taking on new projects without clearing some of the piled up existing ones.
3) No starting new paintings without finishing some of the half done ones.
4) Go outside exploring & looking at stuff every day.
5) take time to interact with people ( not the vampiric time-sucking ones in the rule 1 category - sometimes its hard to tell the difference )
6) take time to read, watch, look at & research stuff.
7) most importantly - DO what I want TO -which is a tough habit to break, especially when the demand for Highland coos and tourist cliches is what it is. I'm thinking I get the highland cow quota done & out there to sell then concentrate on sploshing colours or painting water or whatever floats my paper thin origami boat...which sort of rather dilutes (7) but paying the bills is a must after all.

tomorrow hopefully a snowy sky one finished.

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