Thursday, August 11, 2011

Riots in the highlands

( apologies for the hastiest cartoon ever! ) 


Paul Thompson said...


Yeah, same in Newcastle.

Lunar Hine said...

Much the same with Devon's 'disaffected yoof'. Maybe we treat them with too much respect, or listen to them too much. Somehow they're just lacking that urge to break stuff. (Apart, very occasionally, from themselves up the skate park).

VickyS said...

funny that if you talk to young people & interact with them they turn out decent? However the poverty and dislocation still exists up here, the materialistic culture is the same, they want to be footballers, x-factor winners and live the glamour that TV shows them the same as anywhere. there is simply nothing to loot or smash though. and if they did Auntie MacTavish would clout them with a cloutie dumpling.