Monday, August 22, 2011

Inchmore 'Reactions to Vysotsky' Opening night

Thursday lunch time. left for Edinburgh, visited friends on route, finding sanctuary from exhausted burn out in a colourful artists studio. 10.30pm took a wrong route into Edinburgh again & hit the football crowds and princes street. 9.30 am rush up crowded streets to Scotland-Russia Forum, pack up exhibition. get taxi for boxes and artwork back to where car was parked. 11.30 leave Edinburgh drive north. 3pm arrive Inchmore gallery, hang show- or Rather Jane, Inchmore owner hung show beautifully, i got in way. 6pm meet Rich, club together our last pennies for chips and a cup of tea. change into dress in public toilets. 6.45pm meet Tommy at pub opposite gallery. Go to gallery for opening. Talked to lots of people. smiled a lot posed for photos. Tommy sang wonderfully, enchanting this new audience & spreading the message about the Scottish - Russian connection, Vysotsky and the role of a Bard in a modern context. thankyous, applause. home.

Jane Inglis the Gallery owner and me.

myself & Tommy Beavitt, co-collaborator

Tommy gives and powerful performance of the Vysotsky songs

Great coverage promoting the event in the Inverness Courier

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