Thursday, October 14, 2010

'Hear the Stags Roar'

heres another one finished today, a bit bigger than A4, acrylics & inks on paper. I find something very comforting about the stags roars bouncing about the hills at this time of year. Although that would indicate a fairly literal interpretation of imagery, there is always a lot more going on that that in these pictures, much of course which is hidden to me too. I still don't know how to describe this style. in art terms to folks. Its not folk, or fantasy, or fantastical, or symbolist...anyway it is what it is.

meanwhile Richmond & I are away at dawn tomorrow to fly from Edinburgh to Dublin for 'Octocon' a friendly Sci-fi convention, where Rich will do panels & discussions, I will do a fantasy art workshop and we will both do some creating a comic live on stage with some hilarious consequences malarkey... eeek!  more as it happens folks, come back soon!

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