Friday, October 01, 2010

Craft workshops at the Smithy

Heres a couple of quick sketches I did for proposed craft workshop development at the Smithy, Lochcarron. There has long been a need in the area for business premises, specifically small craft and micro business units. The new committee in charge of the Smithy- The Kirkton Woodland and Heritage Group- are proposing some new workshops at the Smithy site, they are working closely with HIE and other agencies on this.

Also the Woodlands group and local development officer are working hard on proposals for the Kirkton Woodland community woodland. It is hoped that with the community backing, and good sustainable uses for the woodland that it can be bought and managed by the community rather than going to a private developer. There is a rather depressingly strong resistance to any sort of development or future planning in this village due to the disproportionate number of holiday homes and retirement homes in the area. With this in mind I've been drafted in to draw up some of the ideas to display at the village hall consultation open meeting next week.

The Lochcarron Primary School children have already done some brilliant artwork with what they want to see, the children are the future after all!

Synchronistically enough I had a visit from a friend who I hadn't seen properly in 17+ years, who has been involved in various community woodland projects and was fresh from a 'Reforesting Scotland' meeting. Lots of Woodland ideas and chat then, so I had better knuckle down and draw them !

meanwhile theres a photo & report about our Russia trip in the West Highland Free Press this week.
and details of last weeks Ross Shire Journal piece are up on my website.

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