Friday, October 08, 2010

drawing on the move

Having so little time to do any actual art is very frustrating, having to waste time on long journeys etc even more frustrating. I just had to do a quick trip to Edinburgh and Glasgow for meetings. Having my new lovely little notebook is great because I can now type things up on the bus. But painting is just too impractical. I took instead some pens & paper. So while sitting at my daughters flat chatting & them watching TV ( which I don't ) I drew this , its A4 apologies for the messy hasty scan. I will tidy it up & maybe play with some digital colours at some point. Now home & back to work...


Yolanda Barker said...


Nice blog you have here! Looking forward to seeing more of your work. Check out my blog if you get the chance - I'm a film maker and it's about all the things I find interesting, thought provoking, and inspiring.



Rob said...

That is very cool, i especially like the trees :)