Friday, October 24, 2008

Sometimes, wether through my job as a firefighter, a young Carer support worker, or just the horrible awfulness of grown up reality, I have to deal with some stark & harrowing nastiness, I have to see things that are not good for an artist to see, for anyone to see. My brain is a very visual brain, pictures in there. I am torn wether to express the bad things in art, or fight it & steer towards nice fluffy happy things. I have a story in my head, my magnum opus, which is aTarentino-esque trainspotting 18 rated psycho roadmovie ( comic?), I place a lot of bad things that happen in reality into that story... will I ever draw it ?

One of my main characters that I generally draw is the wee girl & her wolf friend. Recently I had to see, & take to the police, a set of photographs with little small young girls in. Small children, dirty, laughing, sleeping, playing in a room full of drugged up junkies, needles & spliffs. I just have to have faith that social work & police will do their job, but experience tells me otherwise. All I could draw for days was gaunt ghost eyed toddlers with a harrowing future in front of them ... not good.
 However a few nights insomnia on photoshop & i've broken through to better images, the wee girl's playing again & winter is here. Stand by more non-nasty pictures.

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