Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I havent blogged here in over a year ! I think I felt Blogspot was a bit lonely & isolated compared to the likes of myspace, but of course things have moved on since then & its all more interactive now.

In the meantime I've been ranting away on myspace. We've run a comic convention in Inverness. I've relaunched myself as a nearly full time free lance artist. I've rejigged my own proper website & started a flikr account. Its all rather confusing really .. and whats the point of being in so many seperate places?

Well I figure it all helps combat that artistic isolation of working from home, I need the interaction or I grind to a halt.

I'll probably do the same ranting here as I do on myspace, I know people read that, grud help them.. give me your feedback people, lets get interactive here & cook up some art !
meanwhile heres a picture of me and the boys at the FutureQuake stand at Birmingham.

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