Saturday, October 18, 2008

I'm quite exited about the latest Firefighting paintings I'm doing & would love to post a sequence of progress photos, how ever the last two pictures are gifts, hence surprises for firemen, so it would spoil the whole thing. There's a wee watercolour , I'll tell you the story once the fireman in question has received it. The one I'm working on the moment is a portrait in action, on canvas for a retirement present. Its been one thing painting my own crew in action, but its quite a privilege painting these other chaps, we're a diverse bunch us firefighters & there's a world of difference between whole timers & us retained, and yet the brotherhood thing is really strong, hard to explain. I guess the intensity of experience we go through is something we can't really describe, even if i had to leave the fire service tomorrow, its touch lasts for ever. The sweat, tears, laughter, crackle & roar of flames, smash of glass, crunch of metal, acrid smoke burning lungs, adrenalin clarity & slow motion ultra focus.

I've been sent some great photos from other colleague's I can't wait to paint. thanks guys & keep them coming ! meantime here's something i can show you... stand by for more.

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