Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Radiohead concert at Meadowbank stadium in Edinburgh tuesday night, bus down & back today. Beck was the highly entertaining support. Radiohead were even better than last time i saw them, with the crowd going mental and Thom kept getting the giggles. Awesome. Played loads o old ones, every one a high point, and some new songs too.
somewhat bruised & aching today however.


Bolt-01 said...

Was he asking if you wanted a cuppa in that last photo?


Richmond A Clements said...

Cup of tea would have been nice.
It, at least, would have made up for the appalling hovel of a hotel room that had to be endured..!

Paddy Goat said...

Radiohead are alright for a bunch of middle-class nihilistic whiners.
I'm not in my twenties anymore, though, so I'm not as big a fan as I used to be - everytime I hear Thom York singing, all I can think is "try living in a third-world country, you pseudo-goth tit!" and then I shake my fist at the tv or radio in a pretend-angry fashion for comical effect, but all it ever gets me is dirty looks.