Sunday, August 20, 2006

re-thought storyboard again today, taking us back to pretty much my original story in the first place. figure three minutes is basically a pop video, there isnt any time, for character placement, explanations, lead ins, nice conclusions, basically, heres a girl, heres a wolf, heres the hunters, this is what happens, and heres the result will have to do. Its getting too late in the day for all sorts of sub plots, so any more wrangling & i'm tempted to say, " okay, heres a film which features 3 minutes of girl & wolf playing in a forest, NO plot at all "


Paddy Goat said...

There could be a twist that it's all in her brain - that'd make 'em think you had some sort of plan all along.
Or you could use photos instead of drawn animation cells.
Oh, and the most important thing of all - whatever money's left over, bill yourself and drink it.

oldnmad said...

Your a star - barking but a star - go with you instinct - it'll be fine. Fire service will turn up and save the day anyway - so long as the jet doesnt crash and maim the girl