Saturday, August 19, 2006

been up to neck in it recently, trying to work most days, and deal with son moving to his own place & daughter about to leave home too, on top of trying to crack on with the film, and organising our first public open day at the fire station.
Knocked out the film storyboard sat in a car park one day, the only place to get peace.
needs a huge squish to fit it in 3 minutes.

Last night worked late putting up marquee, and collecting giant bouncy castle etc.
Today, a very successful opening attended by enthusiastic & intrested people. Behold Crew Manager Preston flipping burgers.
Gasp at the way we removed two doors & a roof off a car in front of crowd in 10 minutes & 30 seconds. Be afraid of the 12 tonne engine we borrowed for the day, the 6.5 er is quite enough on these single track roads thankyou very much. laugh at the childrens bouncy castle merriment. Pictures of Fire fighters being attacked by hoards of bouncing children not included.

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Richmond A Clements said...

Oh! Storyboards- excellent!

I've said it before and I'll say it again- you are bloody awesome!