Monday, April 24, 2006

Chapter 2 of wild west wendy is done, only 3 to go in minus time. no i'm not panicing noooo.
I'm praying , like Wendy, that great Grud himself will bestow me with a living wage, 6 extra hours a day, and a shot gun that i too may dole out justice to the unclean, the unrighteous, the unholy , and the gruddam un-interesting.

actually scrap unclean, i can live with that one.

damn computers, i can't post this post. my scanner won't scan, photoshop won't photoshop...bah


Ed said...

Maybe if you pray extra-specially hard, then Santa will come from Heaven and leave you that shotgun under your pillow...

bou said...

silly boy. don't they teach you nothing in landan ? Its the fairies leave stuff under pillows. and mangy tick & flea ridden dogs.

and dogs can't get shot-gun licenses in the UK, only twats in tweed caps can.

now shaddap ! i'm 2 panels short of a page before bed time.

Ed said...

What about a Santa-dog wearing a tweed cat eh, little miss smarty-pants? Hadn't thought of that one, had you?

And it's pronounced 'Lahhn-daahn'. Erm, 'you slaaag!'