Thursday, April 20, 2006

Alas My friends i have strayed from the path of true blogging. yeah verily i was seduced by the wanton lure of myspace, link its basically a ginormous mutual advert for people mainly musicians, who all pretend to have loads of friends , its a great way of listening to unsigned bands, if you can find them in the squillions. or its a great way to get depressed because they're not real friends & you havent got as many friends as they have & your friends aren't so cool & famous & are uglyer.
everyone on my space is very smiley & pretty, thats also depressing in its simpering vainity, wheres the bloody humour ! anyway, Thargs my friend now, he's green & everso sexy, but he claims to be 29, when we all know he's of indeterminal age. like me.

all of which detracts from the shuddering horror of approaching deadlines, the size of the application form for the art worker job & the fact that i should have heard by now about the animation filum, is that late post or a knock back ?


Richmond A Clements said...

he's dramatically describing the heroic rescues

You sure?
It looks like he's doing a 'You wanker!' gesture to me.
Not to me, to the other guy in the picture.

Ed said...

Which one in the picture was you? You've changed a bit!

Richmond A Clements said...

That's me on the left of the picture. I've put on a bit of weight. And grown wheels. Ad a ladder.