Tuesday, March 21, 2006

life is nothing if not varied !

today i shall mostly be shifting rocks & building a wall for someone, appart from this afternoon when i'm teaching art.

Ive also got word up on a film making project, only 3 groups & 1 individual will be selected to get tuition in computer art & animation techniques to make a short peice for the film fest in Nov. Its a long shot, but having got no response from colleges on the subject this would be brilliant. working up an idea based on the wolf dream sequence, wanting to make it an overt statment about fear & zenophobia, tying it into the influx of polish workers into the area... or i could go for the easy option, re-interpret a local folk tale.

just found out Radio head are doing a stadium in edinburgh this summer... we're there.

todays recomendation ; whos not heard U2's cover of patti smiths dancing barefoot ? or in fact the original of course.


Ed said...

I hope you're not thinking of stealing my recurring wolf dream FROM MY VERY MIND ITSELF!!

bou said...

ha ha ! yes indeed, except i'm afraid ive had to give it a moral & happy ending. sorry.