Friday, March 10, 2006

HUrrah ! Welcome to my new blog. Behold the 3 bous ( i'm the old one ) It seems a rather indulgent concept, so i've held off from getting one, but figure i'll save for moderately sensible self-pimping art/ crafts & comics. Thus the blog zone can be a more general place for friendly types to catch up.

Recent happenings have been the almighty 40th birthday shock horror event last week, which wasnt as painful as it could have been, having avoided the misery of being sociable locally.
This week i have been making some nice staggy based art lots of collage & gold paint & hand-made paper, stick them in shiney gold tescos frames , shove them in galleries & i'm calling it 'work'.

appart from that ive done a mammoth day-job extravoganza , the longest shift in history. I started at the hotel regular day job, painted the kitchen ceiling & did usual cleaning & food prep, then home, chores , cooked tea, walked dogs, 40 minutes sleep, travelled with boss-donald 2 hours south to avimore ski resort & started cleaning out a kitchen & extractor system of a bar /bistro. the punters played pool to rock music, then they danced with a cheesy DJ disco...we scrubbed...the punters went home, we scraped, a freezing fog desended on a silent town, we steamwashed, it got light, cleaning staff arrived, we scrubbed some more, chef started cooking breakfasts, I'm still scrubbing, on my bruised knees & off the ladders by now, chef prepares lunches... we left at 1pm, so thats the story of the 29 hour shift.

and thus like a zombie of exhaustion i find myself building a blog.


Bolt-01 said...

Welcome to blogging Bou!

Ed said...

Huzzah! Congrats on the new blog, Zombie-Vik.

Now where's that artwork...?

bou said...

art work ?

arghg still with the pressure !
ive been so busy at computer ive now got 20 minutes to prep for a pottery class tonight... oops !

Richmond A Clements said...

Bou's got a blog!
I shall make an effort to read this regularly, and even more of an effort to ignore Eds.

Ed said...

Why not, you ignore your own more than you do mine already, so perhaps you could use that aditional time to do something useful like an update...