Saturday, March 11, 2006

clay boats.
Check out what the kids made at the pottery workshop yesterday. Arent they great ?
most of the kids made boats, all copying the alpha clever kid. no surprises that Applecross is a remote wee village on a peninsular surrounded by the sea, some of the dads are fishermen or in the coast guard. In June every year theres a music & seafood festival there which is great. The Host inn, run by Judith Fish ( no joke ) is famous for the fresh seafood & its a popular run with bikers cos of the high road.
My late mate Erik once skateboarded down the hill, but he was CRAZY. i made it up there on my honda brazil 125cc bike this summer which was a Huge achievment, especially when i got to the top & realised that i was completely & utterly out of oil, oooops, i'd kind of assumed someone else had checked that for me. What a rush tho', felt quite silly & rusty compared to the gaggle of bikers with shiney new super bikes & fancy kit at the top viewpoint. yeah if youre ever in the north west, head over the Bealach & have lunch at the applecross Inn. Oo also theres some excellent history & archeology over there, some of which will be covered in a Time Team episode due to be shown soon... and that my friends is another story.

has everyone heard the cover version of wicked games by HIM ? go download it now !


Ed said...

Seafood festival? Cool.

bou said...

yeah, cullen skink to die for...