Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Smithy development. Wossy & others

This is my artistic impression of what the proposed Smithy site development just outside of lochcarron could look like, this artwork was used for a recent funding proposal. There is a high demand for craft workshop/retail spaces, My old pottery studio space is being taken over by a local weaver who'll be selling tartan and tweed quality products, the interior is looking great, you'd never know the walls had previously had clay splattered up them! The  Tree house should soon be ready to use by community groups. a web site is getting built, more news is in the local magazine 'An Carranach' this month, basically we're waiting to get electricity put in, a building warrant, then community groups will all get a free session before the hire rate kicks in.

meanwhile in other news;

Jonothan Ross has written a complimentary introduction to the book 'Tales of the Fallen' which I did some colour work on. This is a brilliant PR coup by Barry Nugent the editor ( middle of picture ) . The book will be launched at Leeds Thought Bubble Festival in a couple of weeks, we will also have a discussion panel to launch the book & signings etc. More info here

The Highland-Russian Connections charity is selling the Christmas cards i designed for them last year to raise funds. contact the charity directly or contact me to buy some.

News to follow about the Dundee Comic Day we attended this weekend.

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