Sunday, November 06, 2011

Remember, remember the 5th of November

Some of us in the local Fire brigade form the local Guy Fawkes Society & run the community Bonfire night and firework display every year. This year seemed to have a theme- with all the global protests and people adopting the V for vendetta masks as a symbol of resistance against oppressive governments.
   If you havent already seen the film of the book here is a wee clip, it's brilliant;

of course the film comes from this book;
 more info here, but take my word for it, its genius.

When i first started hanging out with comic creators i didn't really know who was who and hadn't read much outside of 2000ad. So I was at Bristol Comic Expo and went into a bar with some folks and was sat next to a nice gentleman in a white suit. He asked to see the sketchbook full of fan sketches I'd been collected and asked if it was okay if he did one.

It was of course David Lloyd who I am happy to know much better now. He is not only a wonderful artist, and a gentleman, but very active in promoting comics education.

So today I ended up late to go down and help build the bonfire as i was too busy online debating aspects of Guy Fawkes night and the protest movement. Some people marched on parliament today wearing these masks, it wasn't quite the same outcome as in V for vendetta. But its a start!
(BBC picture )

When i got to the bonfire site I had the task of unwrapping , stacking and ordering the fire works for the display before myself and 3 of the other firey's lit them. Imagine my amusement when i saw this firework;

I didn't get a picture of it going up or any particularly good ones of anything as I was too busy running around with a port light in a sea of nostril searing sulfur. I've been doing this too long I'm getting ambivalent about exploding things.

How does this relate to my art? Everything is art! all people are political animals, all people are creative. communities, history, culture, societies, our festivals they are organic and evolving, who knows which creative spark may start the next revolution ?

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