Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Costume Life Drawing Class

Today I managed to put pencil to paper and do some sketches. From some photos.

this is a talented artist Ruth Brain, who has some fantastic frilly frilly dresses.
and this is Ossian MacUrchin, who regular blog followers may recognise from the Strome Castle Historical event photos I took.

Why was I sketching folks in great clothes? as a warm up for this:~
Which will be at The brilliant Greehouse in Dingwall on Tuesday 13th December , 6- 9pm

Life drawing is a vital discipline for anyone wanting to do figurative art, illustration or comics. One of the problems is getting nude models, another is that not all amateur artists are entirely comfortable with nudes, nor the venues, and lets face it in the North Highlands its way too cold!
Traditional Life Classes are good for understanding the muscles and skeleton fits together up to a point, but illustrators like me need dynamic poses, and action rather than relaxed reclined poses, i need to know how clothes hang, how hats sit. So I'm hoping that this class will appeal to all the closet cosplayers in the north, and be something different to get the budding artists and illustrators out on a winters evening. It should be a lot of fun!


Rob said...

Hmmm...think i'll try and make it along for that

Vicky said...

Great stuff Rob, I look forward to hopefully seeing you there, i have no idea if there will be 2 of us or 200. we'll just improv'!

Rob said...
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Rob said...

Well, it's down on the calendar so i'll not forget now.
Unfortunately, i'll only be dressing as the low-rent pretend artist i am...so don't be expecting a dress (i only do that on Saturday nights)