Saturday, September 17, 2011

TreeHouse snagging

Friday 16th Sept a workparty got together to do some finishing work on our community treehouse. Remember that film about the armish community and that whole barn building thing ? it feels like we have and are doing this, everyone is just getting stuck in without all the usual inhibiting rubbish that gets in the way like committees, planning, regulations. There is a local builder on site finishing the more technical things and while he is to hand with a great array of tools we are all mucking in.

Trusty Bruno is on hand to help of course.

Of course i still can't show photos until after the TV programme is aired, which is a shame as its a gorgeous building. We are all itching to get it finished, light the stove and hunker down in there for meetings, classes, ceilidhs, workshops etc. I'll be putting on crafty arty classes in there this winter as soon as possible, its just such an inspiring space !

I'm a bit ached and bruised after a days physical, my job of late has meant far too much time hunched over an easel or wacom tablet, and I'm off to do it all over again today!

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