Thursday, March 10, 2011

'Fire Fighter'

This painting is 80cm x 120 cm , acrylic on canvas.
Its why I haven't got any other artwork done, why I haven't slept much, eaten a decent meal, tidied the house, blogged or sat down in the last two weeks.
Its for the BP National portrait award. from the outset I figured I was punching way above my weight entering this, i deliberately announced and told everyone I was entering it, so there was no backing out. I'd hoped to get the work done with enough time to make sure I'd done my best... but life gets in the way and here I am at the last possible minute exhausted and frazzled. Deadlines and Self-Doubt, torture & torment, but where would artists be without them?
It's got to that stage when I have no idea what I'm looking at, what needs changing, whether its a disaster or brilliant ( more likely the former ). My goal is to be selected for the exhibition. If I'm not, well I hope that my Model is pleased with what I've done and that the picture will help promote women in the Fire service and the values of strong working women. We can be strong and feminine too. I hope the picture says a little of that.

No rest of the wicked though- Its started snowing heavily and I've got to get this submitted to Coatbridge near Glasgow tomorrow, in a van thats about to breathe its last any mile now.....


Lunar Hine said...

I really love this. I feel I can see something of who the woman is, and wholeheartedly yes to being strong and feminine. Good luck, although you don't need it. This is the latter!

Vicky said...

Thanks for your feedback & Comments Lunar. Fingers crossed it gets selected!