Thursday, March 03, 2011

'Don't look Down'

Not many art blogs at the moment. I'm a little snowed under with teaching, support work, comic strips and the big portrait project. All the time my own art itches away below the surface, that characters carry on adventuring where I draw them or not. Last week a whole pack of wolves were nipping at the heels of the lady, she didn't seem to mind as she was distracted, was it the ship in the distance or something in the sky?

Any way as it was my Birthday yesterday indulgent treats were on the cards, So i put the worky work aside for the evening & let a squiggly picture out. I used paint to try & add some colour & texture to speed the process up with not too great results. The white ink I've got some horrible things near other ink or water. My new Birthday Rotring isograph pens are fantastic, but my pentel brush pen is not behaving ...
I had a crazy discussion & theological debate this week, on top of watching a lovely Russian film about atonement - this set me looking up various myths, stories and the roots of certain archetypal figures. The grim reaper type figures across various cultures was interesting, and there was some Sufi ideas about the tree of life and leaves on the tree withering and dying 40 days before a persons death. All of which may seem far removed from the above picture, but its all in there- plus being another year older!

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