Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Life's Not fair!

Here's some charming characters, well I say charming....
I'm messing about while I have a little free time. Yesterday I finished colouring the final page of the book' Slaughtermans Creed ' its a dark graphic novel written by Cy Dethan, drawn by Stephen Downey, with help on Inks from Andy Brown, Colours by me, and letters By Nic Wilkinson. It will be published by Markosia, more details when I have them.

So doing something cartoony is about as far away as I can get from that ! although the dark subtext is ever present. You see the thing is, annoying people don't realise that they are annoying, the bad guys think they are the good guys, the bullies often think they are the victims. Adults don't often behave like adults. I guess thats why we need good honest friends to tell us if we are being horrible, but would we listen?

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