Saturday, January 15, 2011

2011 finally gets moving

At last things have started up again after the long long snowy winter. I seem to have been in suspended animation or trying to run in slow motion for two months. I was disheartened and uninspired for a while about the lack of art sales and 2011 looking all empty with no work and no income ahead... however;

Finally the damn was broken when I managed to get to a fire brigade course ( a pass or fail one ) despite the heavy thick snow on the roads, I passed- and then made it to Glasgow and back for a very positive FBU meeting. the calender is now filling up, I have things to do, the art & money will just take care of itself...

In an effort to raise some desperately needed cash I have been offering up artwork cheap on my Facebook arts page. I have pencil sketches I'll let go of for as little as £3 ! if you are interested message me & i'll show you what I have to hand.

from £20 I will do quick sketchy paintings or drawings from your photographs ( it will cost a wee bit more if there is lots of detail ) Here is one I did for a Fire colleague down in London.

Talking of Fire colleagues. This painting of my Union Brothers was featured as a double page spread in this months 'FireFighter' magazine. Prints are £20 !

In other news The graphic Novel I was doing the colours on 'Slaughtermans Creed' is finished, the launch will be at Bristol Comic Expo in May, where some of the creative team (including me! ) will be available to sign and sketch.  There will be other signings around the country so watch this space!

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