Sunday, December 26, 2010

'Scottish' matryoshka dolls

The Highland-Russian Connection Charity is at this moment winging its way to Siberia with an exhibition of Scottish art and Matryoshka dolls painted by Scottish artists.  Here is the set I painted.

I wanted to avoid the obvious tartan , Celtic knotwork and St Andrews flag, as others had done a lovely job with these motifs already. So I aimed for a more intuitive Celtic feel.  Had there been three dolls, I would have done the triple goddess of the Celts, the Mother, the maiden and the hag. Had there been 4 dolls, the elements. Instead I seem to have ended up with more different aspects of womanhood. The harvest queen earth mother, The warrior queen, the holy woman, the witch, the child. They were fun to paint although it took ages to build up the colours. I like painting on objects rather than just paper.

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