Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas designs round up.

A Belated and very merry Christmas to everyone.

Heres the Christmas card design I did this year

Heres one I did for Scottish Union Learning, a branch of the Trades Union Council.

Heres the Hi-Ex one, idea from Rich.

The Highland-Russian Connection Charity one, which I've posted previously

and me in xmas preparation mode.

New year next week, then what? 2011 is a whole lot of empty so far - more unpredictable adventure & hectic rock & roll or more endless unfulfilling lonely grind? I'll try & get a moment to indulge in a year review, always a slightly scary exercise because;
a) i forget everything with my scatty here & now brain
b) it feels like such and ego game, I mean who cares what i did in 2010 !?
c) Did I really do so much and achieve so little? where is it all going? why? what next ?

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