Thursday, July 01, 2010

the giant of lochcarron

Heres another wee film.  There was an animation project in the village, a couple of animation graduates came to combine printmaking and film, I dragged my art class into the project. while they all worked on stop motion cut out projects, I didn't have time to join in, so worked this film up at home over a couple of nights.
The Giant is our local mountain, its name is Fuar Tholl ( cold hole ) , but its known locally as ' wellingtons nose' . I prefer to think of it as Fionn, the Irish giant, as there is a stone at its base in Corrie Fionn arach, where Fionn was reputed to tie up his hunting hounds. the chain marks are on the stone.

again, I wish there was more time and more computer power to do these things better.

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