Wednesday, June 30, 2010

'Who's Afraid ?' short film

This is the short film I made in 2006. There was a competition to pitch a film idea which I got a place on. I got a loan of software, a laptop & wacom tablet & 8 weeks to teach myself from scratch how to draw & animate digitally. It was a painful process!  The music was thrown in at the last minutes, I have no idea how to edit sound files, very very luckily the lovely band Fribo lent me their music & it worked brilliantly. This was showcased at the 2006 Inverness Film festival.

The story about the little girl & wolf was inspired by a reacurring dream I'd had in the 90's. I wanted to explore themes around friendship, trust & zenophobia. I storyboarded out a full length version which was a lot more in depth, however in 3 minutes this was as far as I could go. The girl and wolf have since popped up in many paintings of mine and are not ready to be put away yet, maybe one day i'll get to make the full version...and better animated!

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