Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bristol Comic Expo

Friday 21st May we headed off to The Bristol Comic Expo. We look forward to this event as its the first one on the calender after the burn out that is Hi-Ex...

talking of Hi-Ex we got Dates organised with Eden Court last week - its 26th 27th March 2011, put it in your diary's NOW. I've also taken over web duties for now so, thats going to be fun..

talking of fun, Bristol.. the volcano was behaving itself we tore ourselves away from work, flight no problems, a nice warm Inverness to ...bang! a sauna of bristol- Scorchio! It got to 29 degrees over the weekend. mmm you can imagine how that smelt in a crowded room full of comic fans, yes.

This Con has scaled right down the last couple of years & is now divided into to venues, 'small press' and...'comics stuff' with different sets of organisers. Its great for us to be able to enjoy a con without the hassle of organising it, to stay up all night with the big boys and schmoooze all day. We both had various editors to talk to and projects are flying around. It was lovely for me to go to a discussion panel where one of the projects I'm working on was being talked about, it makes it seem more concrete.
Susanne & Sasha at Time Bomb comics

I'd re jigged my port folio just to show some recent illustrations and colouring work, less is more. All artists are self effacing, so when I say my strip work isn't strong enough, folks think I'm just being me guys! compared to the talent thats knocking on the big editors doors I have some work to do yet before I find my niche. Although theres always a wide variety in the small press scene where I could sit... problem is it doesn't pay, so onwards & upwards. Enjoying Colouring though, more my comfort zone!

I attended some other panels out of interest and with my Hi-Ex hat on, we want to cook up some web-cast, digital comics, pod-cast mix for Hi-Ex 2011 so I enjoyed the 'digital comics' and 'podcast' discussions. As always Al Ewing on the 2000ad panel was highly entertaining, although Tharg couldn't make it due to his skin shedding, but Al was able to channel Tharg through his shriveled head skin...thats Thargs head not Al's.

The legendary Pat Mills talks about his work on Requiem & European comics scene

One of the things I love about these events is being able to talk art with other artists, oh joy! what pens to use, what ink, colour inspiration, resources & references and of course the struggles of deadline, freelance time management and being perpetually broke. I think I'm slowly synthesizing all my recent art frustrations into some semblance of a direction...maybe !

info;  The Eagle comic awards are now open for voting ( Richmond's comic Futurequake is up for one again ). I will be on the international judging panel for a new initiative to encourage new talent as part of the 'Eagle initiative' details to follow.

Eddie ( Com.X ) and John Higgins ( Watchmen ) relaxing during a lull 

There is also some great courses happening at Dundee in computer art, concept and comics art, this is the future folks ! they are tutored by friends of ours & highly recommended.

I'm afraid I failed to get any great photos, too much going on.
meanwhile this week;
I have to get a pin up done for Richmonds 'Turning Tiger' collected edition.
Design a LARGE interpretive mosaic panel, which starts at a workshop on Saturday, bio-diversity & heritage.
Crack on with colouring 'Slaughtermans Creed' a comic which will be released on PSP first.
and do some of my own work before I go Maaa-aaa-aaaD !

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